The Lucas Plan

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A New Trade Unionism in the Making?

By Hilary Wainwright & Dave Elliott

Long out of print, this book tells the detailed story of the Lucas workers determination to defend their jobs, how they came up with a plan to convert from largely military production to the development of socially useful products. 

The Lucas Plan remains one of the most important radical and forward thinking attempts ever made by workers to take the steering wheel and directly drive the direction of change.

Forty years later, we are facing a convergence of crises: militarism and nuclear weapons, climate chaos, and the destruction of jobs by new technologies and automation. These crises mean we have to start thinking about technology as political, as the Lucas Aerospace workers did, and reopen the debate about industrial conversion and economic democracy. The pressing modern relevance of the principles and methodology of the 'Lucas story' leads us to believe that it is worth revisiting that experience. 

The Lucas story still inspires and, via the efforts of a new generation of creative young workers whose aspirations to contribute to society are being frustrated, it seems set to continue crossing the decades.  

£15 | 292 Pages | Paperback

ISBN: 9780851248752


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