The Demilitarized Society

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The Demilitarized Society

Disarmament and Conversion



The Demilitarized Society diagnoses the economic and allied decay caused by militarism, and formulates a set of proposals – political and economic – for demilitarizing our societies. It argues for building a coalition to challenge the power of the war-making institutions, composed of those occupations and interests which are deprived by the misapplication of resources to armaments. The deterioration of the infrastructure and productivity of society can only be reversed by the proper use of social capital. Adequate housing, health services, educations, roads, public transportation, environmental cleanup, urban renovation, care of our children and the aged are all frustrated by the misuse of the capital fund to build weapons that are too terrible to be used and whose use would result in omnicide.


Industrialized nations – East and West – face this dilemma in common with much of the less developed world. Once the superpowers embark on the simultaneous course of disarmament and economic conversion, it will be in their interest and essentially within their power to ensure that the blocs they control and other nations within their spheres of influence do likewise.


The author provides a reliable “road map” to disarmament which would secure the jobs of those presently employed in military production and administration, and even the legal framework necessary for all nations to follow.


Seymour Melman was professor emeritus of Industrial Engineering at Columbia University and author of many books. He passed away at the age of 86 in 2004. 2018 marks the centenary of his birth. 

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