Will we be blown up? - The Spokesman 138

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The Spokesman 138
Edited by Tony Simpson

Tony Simpson - Editorial 
Letters from Japan
Paul Rogers - Nuclear Posture Review
Kazuo Ishiguro - My Twentieth Century 
Beatrice Fihn & Setsuko Thurlow - When will I be blown up?
John Galtung - Peace Banquet
Jeremy Corbyn & Reiner Braun - Common European Peace
Jeremy Corbyn - Our Common Humanity
Defence Diversification
Beata Polanowska - Second class citizens?
Elena Remigi - In Limbo
Jagdish Patel, Suresh Grover et al - Gathering place
Niccolo Milanese - Downgrading European Citizenship
Bertrand Russell - The CND
Peggy Duff - The Beginning
Afrin's Suffering

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