Extinction rebellions: The Spokesman 144

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Extinction rebellions
The Spokesman 144
Edited by Tony Simpson

Victoria Brittain - Global Dangers
Jessica Forst & Phillipp Straub - Carbon Bootprint
Angie Zelter - Extinction rebellion
Sergio Duarte - Why the Treaty matters
Dexter Whitfield - Green New Deals
Brian Davey - Reviving the Commons
Pope Francis - Nagasaki Appeal
Alexis Lykiard - Eyes Off the Doomsday Clock
Bertrand Russell - The Last Survivor of a Dead Epoch
Tony Simpson - Reel Russell
Ken Coates - Workers' Control
Pegged Back? - Keir Starmer
Legna Rodriguez Iglesias et al - A little body are many parts 

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122 pages | A5 size
ISBN 978 0 85124 8868


From the Editorial:

In Britain there is an unfortunate readiness on the part of some leading politicians to declare their willingness to 'press' the nuclear weapons button. When Jeremy Corbyn courageously demurred from such a catastrophic option, he was castigated far and wide. More assertively, Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's First Minister, said 'before you ask, the answer's "NO".' Of course, it's not politicians who would actually press a button to launch these megadeath weapons, but submariners at sea. The legality of such an act is highly questionable, as retired Royal Navy Commanders Robert Green and Robert Forsyth have set out in previous issues of The Spokesman (nos. 141 and 142). As Commander Green wrote, the Commanding Officer of the currently deployed UK Trident-armed submarine is 'acutely aware' that what he is there to do is to actually 'press the nuclear button' on behalf of the Prime Minister, and would be placed in legal jeopardy by current British nuclear policy. Nuremberg Principle IV states:

'The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his government or superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible for him.' 

Meanwhile, reckless acts such as US President Trump's targeted murder of Iran's General Suleimani highlight the dangers inherent in the current international order. Victoria Brittain scrutinises these global dangers, which have become the 'new abnormal', including the worsening Climate Emergency. The fires that have engulfed much of Australia have already left many people homeless and killed countless flora and fauna, threatening extinction of some species. Yet the Australian Government continues to encourage expansion the country's massive coal industry with all its attendant fossil fuel emissions. Elsewhere, the new European Commission rightly prioritises a Green New Deal in response to the Climate Emergency. But what is to be done about military emissions and the carbon 'bootprint'? 

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