Public Alternative to the Privatisation of Life ePub

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Strategies for decommodification, public ownership & provision, democratic control, climate action, conserving nature & biodiversity and radical public management
By Dexter Whitfield

"One of the most detailed examinations of the failures of privatisation and neoliberalism - a book that delivers both incisive critique and an alternative vision."
Professor John Spoehr, Pro Vice-Chancellor - Research Impact and Director of the Australian Industrial Transformation Institute, Flinders University, Australia

This book focuses on privatisation, automation and megacities, and the political economy of ten forms of privatisation. It provides detailed global evidence of the high costs and consequences for public services, assets, jobs and inequalities and the business of extracting profits from public assets and service users.

The final part of the book details proposals for democratisation and participation together with decommodification, which is essential to enable effective public ownership and provision. Public assets and services under neoliberal public management would be disastrous, hence a new radical approach to public management is essential. It concludes with ways in which public revenue can be significantly increased and a strategic action agenda.

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